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Passive Residual Income is Better than Transaction Income (Article)

Have YOU done the MATH???  Many WBC  Members have made small fortunes selling WBC over the years.  Generally, most transactions have been done around $100.  The 2019 Promo was very rewarding for the Buyers of WBC, and yet it didn’t fulfill its intended purpose of emptying the Admin wallet.  So when it comes to doing transactions now in 2020, the Broadcasters have all of the advantages when it comes to these rewards.  A Buyer that is a WBC Broadcaster that does a 40 (gr) transaction with their sponsor will get 1 Whole WBC coin for completing this activity to earn the reward.  If the Buyer is NOT a WBC Broadcaster then the reward is 0.001 WBC for the same transaction.  This is clearly stated in the Cookie Rewards area of KCBO.  This is how our reward system has worked for almost 3 years now.  In this transaction the Seller, in most cases the Sponsor of the Buyer, kept 100% of the money paid by the Buyer to them.  100%!!!  That is still true today!  At one point Admin of WBC was only collecting $10 a year from the Members to keep the operation running.  Honestly, this out of balance arrangement was completely unsustainable.  We just didn’t grow fast enough to have an annual fee of only $10 cover all of the expenses of running WBC.  The Sellers kept 100%, while Admin gave generously out of the Admin wallet to encourage fast growth!  The fast growth didn’t come, mostly due to infighting among the members; that negativity killed off growth.  WBC WOULD HAVE DIED IN JUNE OF 2019!  We are self-funded!  The funds are NOT coming out of the Admin’s Pocket.  The funds come from the Admin fee.  When the Bills to Run WBC evaporate all of the cash reserves of the Admin Budget, then WBC goes out of business.  NO MONEY!  NO HONEY!  LOL  This should be common sense, but it seems many in the WBC community lack this common sense.  Also, many lack the appreciation they should have for having a deal that gives them 100%.  Where is the gratitude?
We are going to do some math here, in a moment.  In May of 2019 I introduced Bitcoin Bounties.  A 50/50 arrangement with the builders, full-timers, of WBC.  An opportunity, but NOT an obligation.  So far, only about 10,000 members have taken advantage of this opportunity.  This balanced arrangement has NOT only kept WBC running, it has allowed us to have the funds that have been used to further the development of WBC in many areas that are very much needed.  We are heading towards becoming a Top-Tier Blockchain Developer to reach our goal of Mass Adoption in 2020.  So, let’s do the math now.  In the previous arrangement, Admin only recieved $10 a year from active members to run WBC, while the Sellers as Members received 100% of each transaction.  40 (gr) right now is $130.17 and NONE of which goes to the Admin to pay the bills.  The Buyers either receive $10,000.00 or $10,000,000.00 of WBC from the Admin wallet depending on if they are a WBC Broadcaster or NOT.  But those WBC coins would become worthless if WBC goes out of business, due to a lack of funding.  Hmmmmmm!!!  The Sponsor keeps about $12.50 a month in a Passive Residual Income (that is NOT based on a network marketing structure, so don’t let noise makers confuse YOU) out of the Admin fee payments of their personal Referrals in Bitcoin Bounties.  That’s 50% residually.  Continuing with the math:  $12.50 times 12 months equals $150.00.  So which is better?  Is a Transaction income of $130.17 better than the Passive Residual Income of $150.00?  I think NOT!!!  Not only does the sponsor have a better deal for the time and effort put into promoting WBC, but the Admin gets the needed funding to operate and expand WBC.  Also, the Buyer gets a more secure deal, since WBC is sustainable, and the risk of WBC going out of business has been eliminated.
I encourage all of you to get on board with Bitcoin Bounties, because it is the BRIDGE towards the Mass Adoption of WBC.  Don’t YOU want to unlock the value of YOUR WBC coins by making them spendable in YOUR area of the world?  Today we have a small WBC economy, but by the end of 2020 we could have tens of millions of Merchants accepting WBC for payment, especially in YOUR area of the world!!!  Bitcoin is liquid, and a hassle free way to pay our people.  Some noise-makers suggest I’m more concerned with Bitcoin than WBC.  That’s stupid!!!  Bitcoin offers a means to an end, that’s it.  It’s part of the Bridge of the Mass Adoption of WBC.  Imagine if I had to pay people through this insane banking system, with VISA cards.  WBC would be at the mercy of the BANKS, and let’s face it, at the mercy of the Elite, if Bitcoin wasn’t an option!  Stop the Nonsense!  Be grateful that Bitcoin is an option to use, while we gather our own strength as a cryptocurrency.  Be happy to fund the Admin towards the objective of Mass Adoption of WBC, where YOU will either be a Billionaire, or a Millionaire in easy to spend WBC.  Do you realize that each of YOUR Referrals that makes it onto the Mass Adoption Team, will be greatly rewarded to keep up their payments monthly, making your Passive Residual Income even more secure???  Get them all on the Team!  Spots are filling up fast!!!

Access YOUR BirthRight with YOUR FACE!!! (Poster/Article)

The stewardship over the WBC coins in each of your wallets is protected from government interference through our multi-layered jurisdictional structure.  The overarching umbrella of our jurisdiction is PanTerra D’Oro, a Private Society (PDTO).  “PTDO has made public record of its Declaration of Private Status and Standing and has sent same to the Office of President/Commander-in-Chief, Office of Secretary of United States Treasury, Office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service and Office of Governor of State of California, and all office holders and successors in officer thereof, without response, rebuttal or rejection; and PTDO is at peace with the United States and neutral in the public, it has made its full public declaration of Private Status a matter of record, including international post registered notices sent and received to and by the President, Secretary of State, Commission of the IRS and other Office Holders of Offices and Departments of the United States ; and PTDO has extended an Offer of Peace and Cessation of Hostilities to the Holy See by and through the Nunciature and Nuncio located in Washington, D.C., which was received and accepted without rebuttal or refusal over four years ago ; and The Roman Curia is under the authority of the Holy See and is the superior judiciary authority over government judiciary bodies worldwide, thus the accepted Offer of Peace as an extant treaty with the Holy See and PTDO extends to such jurisdictional authority.”  SEE PUBLIC NOTICES FOR ALL QUOTED POINTS IN THIS ARTICLE.  There is a Lawful way to set up a Private Society, and PTDO has met all of the requirements.  The Kringle Society is a Society within a Society, and thus does NOT require us to take all of the aforementioned measures to be legit and recognised as a real Society LAWFULLY!  To challenge our standing as a Private Society, one would need to also challenge the standing of PTDO.  The next layer of our jurisdiction is our Private Contract Association and within that is a multi-­‐generational legacy TRUST, which has a Master Trust, and it is to be divided into SUB-TRUST ACCOUNTS as Living Men and Living Women join our Kringle Society ongoing.  These SUB-TRUST ACCOUNTS are NOT for entities such as CORPORATIONS.  We are in the Distribution Phase of TBC which means we are working towards emptying the Admin Wallet into the Wallets of these SUB-TRUST ACCOUNTS held by all of our members up to about 1Billion Members.  All of this is some very serious structuring to protect each of us from intrusive government controls.  WE ARE SELF-REGULATED!
We MUST protect this extensive structure against FRAUD to remain viable and so that our fellow man can accept the value we bring to each TBC coin.  A FRAUDULENT use of these SUB-TRUST ACCOUNTS could jeopardize our currency, and the world at large would find such to be unacceptable.  We can’t win the battle we are in if the world rejects us based on perceived FRAUD.  It is FRAUD under these SUB-TRUST ACCOUNTS for any member to hold more than one account.  Our policy is ONE PERSON–ONE ACCOUNT!
As far as numbers go, we are far from the creation of 1Billion SUB-TRUST ACCOUNTS, and NOW is the time to take measures to eliminate any FRAUD.  One of the reasons why each human is so valuable is because each one is UNIQUE.  YOU are the ONLY YOU!  There is NOT another just like YOU anywhere.  That includes YOUR FACE!  Facial Recognition Technology has proven this to be true!  Soon we’ll be adding this Facial Recognition Technology to the front-end of our Distribution Phase, and ultimately all of our existing members will be upgrading their accounts with this Facial Recognition Technology.  Multiple accounts will be eliminated within this process soon coming.  Some of you, unknowingly created more than one account.  Don’t worry, we don’t believe most of you have done so with the intention of committing FRAUD.  But in most cases, we, the Administration of WBC will NOT merge wallets together, and combine their balances.  Our final migration to our Top-Tier Blockchain will wash out all of the coins that would have become “orphans” due to these multiple accounts.  It is within the best interest of the coming Economic Phase of WBC that we start “Orphan-Free” when it comes to the 1Billion WBC coins in the Master Trust.  NOTE:  We are 100% against the HUMAN RFID.  WBC coins will NEVER be found within a HUMAN RFID CHIP!  YOUR FACE is good enough, as a security measure, to identify YOU.
What is YOUR BirthRight?  YOU were born FREE!  That is how YOU came into this world.  YOU have the GIFT of FREE WILL!  WBC wants to protect YOU!  Institutions have surrounded us all from the day we were born until now, and many have the intent to strip humanity of this FREE WILL!  YOU were also born into a world FULL OF ABUNDANCE.  YOU have every right to have access to ABUNDANCE!  WBC is carving out the pathway to deliver and restore back to YOU, YOUR BirthRight!  FREEDOM TO ACCESS ABUNDANCE TO FULFILL THE MEASURE OF YOUR CREATION!  ACCESS TO YOUR BIRTHRIGHT WILL COME WITH YOUR UNIQUE FACE!  Embrace it!!!

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